Of course, the most common concern is that the player will be deceived and will not receive his casino winnings, even if he plays at the best online casinos. This certainly happens, there are sites "phony", that attract players and just simply do not pay them anything, but when the moment comes, the site changes its address or terminates its activities, some casinos may fail or have a deficit of funds, its of course is extremely rare with best online casinos. In order to be sure and not cheated, select among trusted and best online casinos. Check the casino before you start to play there, read forums, reviews, so you can check out the casino on a software that uses this casino if the software from leading manufacturers (Playtech, Microgaming, Partygaming, onGame, 888), they cost hundreds of thousands dollars and the casino is certainly not a "one-day", so you can safely play in it and don’t worry, for the fact that someone will cheat you. Remember, best online casinos never leave their players with nothing! Another concern of best online casino players, is that their credit card will be used by third persons. In fact, this option is possible theoretically, in practice it is simply impossible. Payment transactions of best online casinos are carried out by companies, specializing in online payments and for such companies security of customer is in the first place, some even insure the accounts of their customers. So, don’t worry about this, especially when you play at best online casinos. Also, many online casino players suspect foul play. This is certainly a controversial issue, and always when the casino is accused of fraud, it naturally denies everything. Random Numbers Generator (RNG) ensures the integrity of the best online casinos, the random number generator is located on the casino server so it can easily modify the results in its favor. Owners of best online casinos are usually registered in offshore, it is one of the most famous and effective tax planning. The basis of this method are the laws of many countries, partly or wholly exempt from taxation of foreign-owned entities. The reason for registration of best online casinos in offshore - in many countries, gambling is prohibited, even over the Internet. Do not worry that you may be deceived, for your protection, the state, where registered best online casinos, grants these services with special licenses, and of course watching all the activities. Almost all self-respecting best online casinos hire auditors to monitor the activities of the gaming establishment, conduct tests, regarding honesty of games.